Join a Black Life Matters #TAKEACTION team and start tackling issues 

in your city today.


 What are #TAKEACTION Teams?


 They're our cornerstone. Our #TAKEACTION Teams collaborate locally and nationally to address specific issues within our community. They're the leaders who actively organize and execute appropriate responses to any injustice or offense involving the African American community.


We work together locally and nationally to advance the condition of the African American community. From after school programs to protests,#TAKEACTION Teams get the ball rolling. As a  #TAKEACTION Team member your job is analyze the problem, then engineer the solution.


Whether you’re a college student or a mother of four, you can make a difference in someone's life.


We need YOU. More teams. More progress. 


 If you’re interested in being a #TAKEACTION Team Member in your area, click JOIN THE TEAM and REGISTER. 

The end of the Civil Rights Movement was not the end of our journey. #TAKEACTION Teams will pick up where they left off. 

One advancement at a time.


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